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Ashoka … a flower , a friend to women .

Ashoka – means reliever of grief, it’s a friend to women as it’s has a great use in Our Indian Ayurvedic medicine specific to woman health issues related to mensuration cycle and other female reproductive problems.

The handwoven linen saree collection with zari motif based on the beautiful bunch, of Ashoka Phool.

Ashoka Phool is very auspicious and is very close to Women health.  Thereby, we decided to come up with this design in the month when we celebrate Women as Goddesses in all three forms - Shakti , Laxmi and Vidya .  The trio is a figurative form of the energies and qualities which every woman has in herself.


The material or the base fabric of the Saree is Linen, it’s a plant-based fabric which comes from Flax plant its more hypoallergenic, breathable and durable than cotton. It’s a bit heavier and less flexible than cotton but it is a wonderful fabric to be worn in any occasion.

India is land of celebrations and the only ancient civilization standing with its roots. Handlooms, are not only the means of production of fabrics but hold the Heritage which have been passed on by generations.  Here in Ramyata, we try to revive Indian Handloom and Indian Wear in every household, which is not just only Living Ancient Craft but has always been very close to nature as not only sustainable but responsible fashion industry, which is the need of the Hour, where the world is already facing the ill affects of Fast Consumerist Fashion. It’s a request from our part to please adopt not only sustainable but responsible fashion by adopting natural fabrics to your wardrobe and preferably the handloom ones as they take care of nature all through out the production. It is a SLOW but a Steady process From Centuries now.


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